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2.4.  Enter Count Tag

Once a count tag has been created, the count tag is ready to have inventory quantities entered into it. To enter a count tag, go to Inventory > Physical Inventory > Enter Count Tag. The following screen will appear:

Enter Count Tag

When entering a count tag, you are presented with the following options:

Count Tag #

Enter the count tag number of the count tag you want to enter details for.

Item Number

Displays item number automatically when count tag number is entered into Count Tag # field.


Inventory unit of measure.


Displays site where count will take place.

Count Qty.

Enter the physical count total.

Current Comments

Display lists all comments added prior to the current session.

New Comments

This is a scrolling text field with word-wrapping for entering comments related to the count tag. Use the Comments field to enter any instructions or other comments that need to reach and be read by the cycle counters.