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11.2. Adjust Average Cost Value

From time to time you may find it necessary to adjust the inventory value of your average cost items. The Adjust Average Cost Value utility is designed to facilitate this process. To access the utility, go to Inventory > Utilities > Adjust Avg. Cost Value. The following screen will appear:

Adjust Inventory Value utility

When adjusting the inventory value of average cost items, you are presented with the following options:


Specify the site where the adjustment should be recorded. If an item is located in more than one site, be sure to specify the correct site for the adjustment.

Item Number

Enter the item number of the item you want to create an adjustment for. Only average cost items having a quantity on hand (QOH) > zero will be available for selection. If an average cost item does not appear as available to select, this likely means the item's QOH = 0.

Qty on Hand

Displays the current QOH for the item site.

Current Value

Displays the current value of the inventory in the item site.

Current Unit Cost

Displays the current unit cost for the inventory.

New Value

Enter the new value you want to assign to the inventory in the item site.

New Unit Cost

Displays the new unit cost for the inventory.

Use alternate adjustment account

Specify an alternate account number to use for the transaction.

The following buttons are unique to this screen:


Select to update the value of your average cost inventory, create an adjustment inventory history transaction, and post the difference in value to the G/L.