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11.6. Pricing Schedules

A pricing schedule is a grouping of sold items indicating special prices for specified quantity breaks. Pricing schedules may be assigned to individual customers or to groups of customers by customer type. To access the master list of pricing schedules, go to Sales > Pricing > Pricing Schedules. The following screen will appear:

Pricing Schedules master list

At the top of the screen is a Search for field. To search for a pricing schedule, begin typing in the search field. As you type, the list will automatically scroll toward the pricing schedule you are typing. You can also search for pricing schedules manually by scrolling through the list. The following filters can also be applied to your search:

Show Expired Pricing Schedules

Select to display expired pricing schedules.


The effectivity and expiration dates for pricing schedules correspond to the created date for sales orders. Changes to line item quantities or scheduled dates for already-created sales orders can also cause pricing schedule effectivity to be recalculated as of the date the changes occur.

Show Future Pricing Schedules

Select to display future pricing schedules.

Item Pricing Schedules

Display lists item pricing schedules.

The following buttons are unique to this screen:


Select to delete expired pricing schedules.