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13.2.10. Forms

To access the master list of available form definitions, go to System > Setup > Master Information > Forms. The following screen will appear:

Forms master list

The Forms master list displays information on all available form definitions, including form name and form description. Form

To create a new form definition, select the NEW button. The following screen will appear:

Create new Form

When creating a new form definition, you are presented with the following options:


Enter a unique form name.


Enter a brief description of the form.


Specify the report definition you want to associate with the form.


In the case where you have multiple versions (i.e., grades) of the same-named report definition, it doesn't matter which one you select when setting up a form. The system will always use the report definition having the highest grade.

Keyed On

Specify where in the application you want the report definition to be cross referenced. For example, selecting Work Orders will make the specified report definition available to the Print Work Order Form screen. The system supports the following keyed on cross-references:

  • Customers

  • Items

  • Item sites

  • Purchase orders

  • Sales orders

  • Vendors

  • Work orders

  • Sales analysis - special calendar

  • Production entry sheets

  • Return authorizations

  • Transfer orders