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5.3.  Expense Transaction

Expense transactions are a form of miscellaneous inventory transaction. Expense transactions can be used to remove items from inventory, while assigning the transactions to preset expense categories (e.g., trade show expense). To remove items from inventory and assign the transaction to an expense category, go to Inventory > Transactions > Expense. The following screen will appear:

Enter Expense Transaction

When entering an expense transaction, you are presented with the following options:

Transaction Date

Specify the date you want the transaction to be posted to the general ledger. The current day's date will display by default.

Item Number

Enter the item number of the item you want to enter an expense transaction for.


Inventory unit of measure.


Specify site where the item site for the expense transaction is located.


Enter the quantity of specified item you want to expense. Positive and negative values are permitted. Non-netable quantity on hand (QOH) is not included in the before and after totals.

Document #

Creates a user-defined reference for the expense transaction. The document reference will be posted with the general ledger (G/L) transaction record when the expense transaction is generated. This field may be used for internal tracking and auditing purposes.

Expense Category

Specify the expense category you want to assign the expense transaction to.


Select a project to associate with the transaction. The project number will be added as the final segment of the G/L account number.


This is a scrolling text field with word-wrapping for entering comments related to the expense transaction.