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8.2.  Site Locations

Site locations—also known as locations—are the specific, unique material sites where inventory is located inside a site. If the ARBL naming convention is being enforced within a site, locations may be identified by aisle, rack, bin, and location number. Locations may also exist within site zones, if zones are defined for the specified site. In most cases, related items will be stored near to each other to simplify picking and inventory counting. To access a master list of site locations, go to Inventory > Site > Locations. The following screen will appear:

Site Locations master list

The Site Locations screen displays information on all existing site locations, including site code, location name, location description, whether the location is netable or restricted, and the active status. When displaying available site locations, you are presented with the following options:

All Sites

Select to display site locations for all sites.


Specify site whose locations you want to display.

Site Zone

Specify zone whose locations you want to display.

Show Inactive

Select to include inactive locations in the display.